Q: So what can CCM Consultancy do for me?

A: For the small to medium size organisations this Contracts and Commercial Management function is typically undertaken by a very senior person whose time is precious but wants to win business. This is usually a perpetual spiral with many negative connotations such as, if they’re compiling and negotiating an important deal who’s running the business(?).

CCM Consultancy can provide many solutions here such as mentoring this very senior person or, assist in bringing someone else up to speed or, remove the function in part or its entirety via outsourcing or, have our staff work with you on a project based activity.

A: For the larger organisations, who have the benefit of a specialist Contracts or Commercial Department, they can become overrun with seasonal fluctuations, recruitment difficulties or a change in structure.

CCM Consultancy can provide many solutions here such as providing temporary staff to run the existing workload thereby freeing up your staff to do the new activity (or vice-a-versa) or, provide assessment and analysis of any proposed change in structure or, facilitate a change in structure.


All our consultants have extensive experience and proven capability in the delivery of these various Contracts and Commercial Management services.


We do not provide a standard offering to our clients but use a combination of these skills to provide a service that best fits each clients needs. As an example, for Defence related assignments, we can provide Security Cleared consultants.

In many cases we bring together a number of our capabilities to provide best value to our clients. Typical examples of our Contracts and Commercial service offerings:

- Outsourcing capabilities                                              (let us take the load off you).


- Structure your Contracts & Commercial Department   (use us to organise your department).


- Integration of our staff within your staff                        (provides temporary/ additional professional resource to cover those unexpectedly busy periods).


- Contracts & Commercial assessment/ analysis            (provides an unbiased review/ opinion of a topic).


- Project development and roll-out                                  (we’re happy to discuss any project but usually this is biased towards generating new procedures and desk instructions for businesses/ accounts (particularly handy for gaining/retaining ISO accreditation)).


- Mentoring                                                                     (we provide many options which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements).



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